Temporal Data lacks a natural representation, thus the search for a visual representation of this kind of data challenges addressed in many Information Visualization techniques and methods. Aiming to help understand patterns and relations among those data, supporting planning, and decision-making processes. Most of the tools use the two dimensional (2D) space combined with well-known techniques, but in light of the increasing presence of Temporal Data Visualization in different application domains and the use of several different techniques, issues about the use of 3D space have emerged. In the Healthcare domain, the Anamnesis procedure offers a large volume of valuable information, analyzed under temporal aspects. Despite their importance and richness, lacking adequate tools to explore these data can limit their use. Due to the limited use of three-dimensional (3D) space in temporal data visualization, this project proposes the use of an Interactive 3D Virtual Environment (VE) in an approach that allows mapping, visualization, and exploration of these data. Based on Visual Attention Models and Gaming Design Concepts we aim to contribute to a new level of interaction with medical temporal data considering different levels of granularity and optimizing the data visualization. Besides the good interaction between users and the 3D VE, preliminary results endorse that proposed approach has potential to open opportunities in data exploration and the relevance in optimizing the temporal data visualization in the medical daily routine through VR strategies.

Keywords: Information Visualization; Temporal Data; Medical Data; Virtual Reality.


  • Dr. Samir GARBAYA, associate professor at École Nationale Supérieure d´Arts et Métiers – ParisTech University, Researcher Scientist at END: ICAP Laboratory INSERM U1179.
  • Professor Romeu Carillo Jr., M. D., Chief of the Department of Homeopathy at Hospital do Servidor Público Municipal (HSPM) - São Paulo/SP - Brazil, CEO at Associação Brasileira de Reciclagem e Assistência em Homeopatia (ABRAH) - São Paulo/SP - Brazil.